B&W HTM3S - how do I remove / replace the midrange speaker?

I have a damaged midrange speaker in a B&W HTM3S that I need to replace - but can't figure out how to get them damn speaker out of the cabinet. I have removed grill and bullet from speaker, and the speaker looks like it is a press-fit into a rubber isolator - but no apparent screws (to my eye OR on the parts diagram) hold it in place. Anybody know how?
Answering my own question in case someone else needs to know how - the awesome folks at B&W answered me in an hour or so ... 

"At the back of the speaker, you'll see the draw bar fixing in the middle (Large slotted screw head between speaker binding posts). Unscrew the draw bar fixing while holding the midrange at the front of the speaker. Once the draw bar fixing is unscrewed, you can pull the midrange driver from the front and out of the cabinet."