b&w htm2 vs. matrix 805 for center

I am using a pair of matrix 805 for center with matrix 801 for front. Would it be a mistake to switch to a htm2 since it is from nautilus line with different tweeter and design?
The htm2 is clearly a better speaker but would it throw off the seamless sound?
That is a good question. I also have Matrix 801's and am looking for a center channel. There was a post here from someone a few days ago who was selling an HTM2 that he had recently bought to go with Matrix 801's. He said that he had emailed B&W to ask about the set-up and was told that the Matrix HTM would be a much better match for the Matrix 801's than the HTM2 he was planning to use. That was the reason he gave for selling the HTm2. I have been unable to find the post, but will keep looking. Emailing B&W their opinion may be a good idea for us to find out for ourselves.
I tried a B&W matrix HTM center channel speaker with 801 matrix series 3 front speakers and went to the HTM 800 with great results. The HTM 800 is the HTM1 black cabinet with HTM Signature drivers and crossover. A huge improvement over the original HTM. The 801s have external North Creek crossovers and are driven by a Krell FPB700cx.
The HTM 800 is driven by an FPB750Mcx monoblock. Hope this helps.

Can you elaborate on the The HTM 800?
Never heard or seen it. Have a link or something?

The Nautilus HTM2 is voiced differently from the matrix range. I tried one a while back with my 802s3 Matrix speakers and it was definitely noticeable in its difference.
The standard Matrix HTM was better at integrating even though it didnt handle the power and dynamics as well as the HTM2. It was a better match and I happily lived with it and its restrictions for a couple of years before upgrading my whole speaker package.

I actually have one in mint condition for sale if you are interested. (Mods please delete this if FS comments are not allowed).
I have been using an htm 1 with my signature 805s for ht. I recently made the move changing my center to another sig 805 and the blend is now flawless. If you listen to music in any surround modes then I would suggest buying the same speaker as your fronts for center use.

I'm assuming the HTM 800 is the Matrix HTM that Waterman s talking about.