B&W HTM1D and Parasound A51?

Does the B&W HTM1D require more power then an A51 can muster effectively? A51 would also be powering 4 surrounds. The other option is a JC1 but is it worth the money if the HTM1D doesn't play music?

If so do you get 2 2 Ch A21's for the 4 surrounds or the A51 5 Ch and not use the 5th channel?
Parasound dealer here. Let me understand your system first. Ideally, you would like the front three speakers to have the same power across the frontal stage. What are you using for L/R speakers and powering them?

In most cases the A51 will drive most any 5 channel system. However, the frontal stage usually demands more current than your surrounds. So, depending on you speakers, the JC1's might be the better choice. Give us some more detail and we'll direct as appropriate.

What is your dealer telling you?
Well, the planned update is 802D's and the HTM1D down the road. Right now I just have some low budget RTi12's doing the job with some Rotel RB-1091's powering them (500 watt RMS). The planned update for the L/R channels will most likely include an update to the amps as well (getting new JC1's). I'm planning on using a parasound amp for all the surrounds, that is for certain. Right now that's just some polk RTi6's (no need to update those anytime soon). As I've read it's pretty much only important to voice match the 3 fronts and not the surrounds. With that said the A51 is plenty of power for all of my surrounds. Is the extra channel going to be powerfull enough to drive the HTM1D? I hear that the HTM1D is basically the same speaker as the 802D which I know are very very demanding. Primary listening is going to be 2 ch stereo with multi-channel movies on rare occassions.

To sum it up what I'm looking at:

JC1's or 1091's and 802d's for L/R
A51 or A21's for the surrounds (initially RTi6 polks, later B&W's)
A51 or JC1 for HTM1D center <--- The question, will the A51 cut it also powering the surrounds?
Perhaps while you are at it you can answer 1 or 2 of my other parasound threads. Mainly the C1 vs C2 vs waiting for HDMI 1.3
I've already responded to your other threads on on the C1 and C2. :-)

Since your primary interest is going to be 2 channel. I would probably direct you to using the JC1's for the 802D L/R and let the A51 run the center channel and the surrounds. You could always add another JC1 if your interest changes to HT over 2 channel.
The B&W diamond series speakers lover clean power, a lot of it (closer to the max recommended wattage is better) and bi-wiring at least.

I wouldn't use anything less than 250 watts with it. More would be better as the speaker also dips in impedance to around 3 ohms at certain points during playback which can clip or cause distortion from the amp.

But if most your listening is 2 channel, I would recommend getting the HTM2D which is less demanding and will still match up well with your 802D mains.

I have 803D mains and then sound much, much better with the new Spectron MK2 I bought than the previous Rotel RB-1090 (380 watts/channel) I had. I know the Rotel vs. the Spectron isn't a fair match-up even if the power was the same but these speakers love good clean power.

I would presume the HTM1D is rated for 500 watts like the 802D mains and unless you plan on doing a lot of HT listening and buy an appropriate amp for it, I'd suggest buying the HTM1D (which I have and is rated for 300 watts). It is a terrific center channel.
Nick made a good suggestion stepping down in center speakers. That is certainly an option as well.
I'll have to see if I can't do demo at the dealers between the HTM1D and HTM2D! I hear the HTM2D is a good match for the 802's but the HTM1D is in another class. If I can't tell the difference though I'll go the HTM2D route! Thanks for all the help!

I've thought about another option, if I'm going with JC1's up front would my old 1091's be a good option for the surrounds? A51 vs 1091's, any opinions? I assume I could get another pair of 1091's for near or less then cost of the A51. This just leaves the center channel. Any good parasound options for it? Would bi-amping an A21 be worth the effort?