B&W HTM 1 vs HTM 2 ???

Dear fellow audio lovers,
I am wondering those of you who have or have a B&W dealer who stocks both models "is there really a big difference"? My local dealers do not stock both, one has the HTM 2 and states the HTM 1 is much better, the other dealer doesn't even stock the Nautilus line, he justs tells me everybody knows their specs and reputation and orders them sight unseen,not me! So I appeal to you, is there a big difference?,does it warrant the thousand dollar price difference?,Thank You for your thoughts and time.
Well, I'll give you my thoughts. I have auditioned both with my speakers - N802's. It didn't take me long to determine the HTM-1 was the better speaker and more importantly the better match. Properly integrated with a subwoofer the HTM-1 could nicely match, for movies anyway, the N802's. I don't believe that would be the case with the HTM-2.

The HTM-2 is a fine center. Whether it would work for you depends on the mains you are using. If you haven't, you should audition the HTM-2. If it doesn't match you will know in short order. I wouldn't worry about the HTM-1 if the HTM-2 doesn't sound out of place in your system.

One final point, if I was a movie person rather than a stereo person, the center speaker would be the best speaker I owned.

I wish you well.
Oh well. I have HTM2s to go with my N803s. Reason ? WAF (primarily). She didn't want N802s in the house and would not have been happy with the HTM1 stuck on top of the TV. Sometimes compromizes in sound quality have to be made to improve ones quality of life. The HTM2 sounds just fine to me.