B&W HTM - 1 OR a pair of 805N's?

The price is the same, using one of these options as a center channel. Everything points to the pair of 805's, any reason I should not?

Anyone experiment with 805's or any other brand and use 2 center channels?

Are there any sheilding issues with the 805's?

Hello Dan, I don't think the 805 Nautilus speakers are magnetically shielded although B&W claims they are. The HTM-1 is basically a 804 N laying on its side I think the HTM-1 ability to produce better midbass and lower freqencies over the 805N would be its advantage. Paul
Thanks for the quick responses. I am not sure of the shielding issues, but it would not be an issue for my set up. I am using a screen so no issues there.

There will be phase response issues with a pair of speakers for a center channel. Go with the HTM1, it is clearly better than the HTM2, which is an 805 in a different box. What possible reasons point to the pair of 805s?

No reason other than looking for the best possible center channel. A pair of 805's are the same price as the HTM-1 and thought, hmmmmmmmmmmm, what if.......

Just thinking out of the box as they say.

I like the HTM-1, I have one now, but curious of the 805 route. Some people use one above and one below a screen. I now use a screen and wondered if there is a great deal of improved sound.

What Nautilus speakers are you using for your front L+R? A third one of whatever you are using would be ideal but unless you have a perforated screen it probably wouldn't be practical.
I am using the 801II Matrix. I used to have the 802N's, but prefer the 801II sound. I kept the HTM-1 but just looking for more. It points to the HTM-1 more and more.
I get the HTM-1 to bottom out with some films, granted, I run it large with 450x2 of 70AMP current pushing it, not many center channels can deal with this can they?
I got news for you...the vast majority standard passive home monitors can handle full range DD/DTS soundtracks properly without distorting, bottoming out, mushing out, etc! You should be crossing that speaker, over at least 80 hz, or 50-65hz if you have a pre/pro with base management!
Really, for proper results you should be crossing your main 801's over at around 50-65 hz as well!..and letting a POWERED ACTIVE sub or two handle the rest!
You'll alway's get a relatively week and stressed sounding system otherwise. Even though your mains are full range speakers, they're not designed to handle a full range Digital soundtrack. They're music speakers.
This is the very reason companies made ADVANCED BASS MANAGEMENT!...with flexible cuttoff frequencies from 30hz up to 160 hz! Actually, most pre/pro's only do 80hz or full range, and neither is really practical. 50-65 hz is best usually.
Outlaw audio has the piece you need to put between your pre/pro and the amps. It's called the ICBM, and it's fantastic!
You should, in my experiences of 1000' of installations, be using some sort of better bass mgmnt with the speakers you have...you'll get infinitely better results with your HT!..I promise
You could use your 801's, use the matching center for the matrix series, use the ICBM at $250(cheap!!...and pretty transparent really!), cross your mains over at 50=65hz, and the center the same, and let the sub do the rest! Man it will sound so strong you won't believe it!
Oh, and 2 center speakers is going to cause some problems really. Actually you could put two of the 805's on either side of your monitor, but I wouldn't put em together(you'll get all kinds of phase problems otherwise.
Good luck

This is a great idea! I am going to try this out! Thanks for the lovely idea. I believe my processor will allow such crossover, if not, I will definitely check out the ICBM!