B&W FST mid range clamp??

When I bought B&W CDM 9NTs in 2001 they came with a screw and disc to clamp down the FST mid range for moving (the speaker cone is not fixed to the cabinet with a foam surround, but, rather, apparently floats free on a steel rod attached to the rear of the cabinet). The owner's manual on the B&W web site still refers to this clamp and advises to release the clamp and leave the large screw or slotted disc under the clamping disc at the factory setting.

Well, my ex-wife kept the speakers in our divorce settlement and I just bought another pair on ebay. These are apparently from the end of the range for this speaker (I'd guess about 2004 or 2005). There is no mention of the clamping disc or the tensioning screw for the FST in the owner's manual and the guy who sold them was clueless and probably not the original purchaser.

So, my question to you is: did B&W just grow weary of complaints from purchasers who don't read manuals and try to run their speakers with the mid range clamped down?? Also, how do I figure out what the factory tension setting is supposed to be?? As I approach social security retirement age will my OCD grow worse or will I grow slacker and mellower as well as flaccid and unfocused?? Help!

P.S. The amp, cables, and cdp I bought on Audogon haven't arrived yet so I don't know if they sound wierd or fine. Also, the manual for the B&W 703 which is almost the same speaker with a better cabinet and was brought around 2005 doesn't mention the clamp or the settings for the FST screw either.
In case anyone else is interested I got a prompt and thorough response from B&W customer support. The correct setting for the FST tension disc is clockwise hand tight plus one careful full turn with a wide blade screw driver.

That tension setting should be secured with the supplied (and available for ~ $7 if you pitched it in the fervor of initial set up) transit screw for shipment.

The info available at bwgroup-support.com is quite thorough and well organized. I'm impressed with the support for discontinued products. Less impressed with the fact that B&W has pretty much axed any mid-price speakers leaving only 680 series which leaves me cold and 800 series which I can't afford.