B&W Formation Hub streamer / dac is really good!

This very good looking streamer has gotten almost no attention online and B&W doesn't really advertise it as a streamer/dac but I came across one used and I'm really enjoying it, and it's beautiful.  Its Airplay 2, Bluetooth, and Roon compatible.  The internal DAC is excellent especially for its price.  I'd say it sounds better than my Bluesound Node 2i and operates essentially the same.

Why has this received no attention at all?  I think it's certainly deserving.  Anyone else have any experiences with this unit?
A/D in and A/D out? WTF?
ADC AND DAC? Doubt it.
I see that it only goes to 24-96 and the only HiFi streaming option is Roon.
I'm thinking that if you're subscribing you'd want at least a Baby Alambre and a DAC of choice to hear the 24-192's that you are probably paying for.
I mean it's debatable how much we can hear past a certain bitrate anyway, but the music I played through it sounded supurb. Yes 24-96 can sound awesome.