B W DM7- Where can I find replacement woofers?

I just bought a pair of B&W DM-7 from a friend of mine. These speakers actually were originally bought by me 20 years ago but since being sold to my friend. He never used them and kept them for over 10 years. The woofers need replacement and I wonder how to acquire them. Any idea is appreciated.
Contact B&W headquarters in the USa. They will sell you new ones or re build the originals.
I agree, contact B&W in US. It is in the Boston area. The eMail address should be available at the main website, or call a dealer.
You probably will have to get them re-coned, I tried to buy replacemnt tweeters and grills for DM 7 mk2 last year and was told by the mftr that no replacemnet parts were still available. Good luck