B+W DM603 S2

Thinking of buying a pair of B+W DM603 S2 that someone is selling, is there anything i should look out for when i go to see them, not really all that clued up on high end speakers, only just found out about bi-wire. What amp would you recommend for these?
I would recommend Rotel or Bryston. I have heard both and they were an excellent match!
I had 603 s3's. I will warn you to avoid tube amps with these, but the Jolida 1701 with the tubed preamp section would give you goosebumps with them. Also had good luck with a Cambridge Audio integrated, but the Jolida hybrid was magic.
I had the DM603 S2 many years ago (my first and by by far most exciting hi-fi purchase). I found that a polite sounding amplifier such as Arcam will suit the somewhat bright aluminum dome tweeters. I used a Bryston 3B-ST which provided excellent dynamics and bass, but could be a little fatiguing with certain recordings.