B&W DM602 S3: amp/pre-amp combination suggestions

Any opinions on a great amp/pre-amp combo or ingegrated amp to maximize the B&W DM602 S3 speakers? Best to Bi-wire, or does it make a significant difference?...if so, what combo of gear(amps)in the mid-price range would you suggest? What about good cables (reasonably priced, please) for wiring?
Rotel gear seems to be a popular choice for B&W speakers of this calibre. I have a set of four 602s for my HT set up and have used them with Rotel power amp RB1090 (front channels) and Yamaha DSP-A1 surround amp with pleasing results. The Halo that you own is also highly regarded for its cost. I suggest you hook your speakers to this amp and if it sounds good then you may want to consider the Halo matching preamp.

B&W speakers normally sound better biwired. The difference is slight but noticable particularly in transparecy. I found this both with the 602s and 804s.

I don't have much experience with the wide range of cable choices available, however I'd try Kimber 8TC or 4TC. My 804s worked well with Kimber's BiFocal XL speaker cables.