B&W DM600

Hi I just found a good deal on a pair of B&W DM600 speakers. What do you think about this model? Thanks
Nice budget model from the 1990s. Not much bass but good detail and balance. Use with warm sounding equipment.

Which version is this the early one with the poly woofer or the later one with the Kevlar?
Had a pair years ago they were pretty good and got good reviews at the time.
I replaced the larger B&W DM560's with these and was more than happy they were clean, grainless, lively, and transparent I would probably still have them today if my friends Junkie girlfriend had not decided to take them for a walk Downtown.
They are rated 4ohm which might present a problem. My Pioneer A400 had no issues driving them
Must have the righting pairing equipment. I thought the tweeter was on the bright side. YMMV. (I'd personally look elsewhere, but could work out for you and b/c of the name you could resell easlier.)
Nice little pair of speakers, unless you're using them to fill a large room, or with inadequate amplification, or your own personal preference is for fabric/silk or ribbon tweeters, or they're being asked to provide a levels of resolution and/or low frequency response and/or midrange smoothness beyond their capabilities, or your aim is to listen to large scale orchestral works, or you're not a fan of 600 series voicing.
Thanks for the responses. It turn out that the tweeters are not working properly.