B&W DM6 Wadding

I am ready to replace the caps and wires in the DM6. I will make it possible to bi-amp. I will also bypass the fuse. However, I am not sure if I should reduce the wadding in the box. If I do, should I just do it in the bass compartment or in the mid and tweeter compartment too? Would doing it make the music more lively or what? Thanks in advance.
I had a couple of pairs of these around 1980. If it were me I would either leave it as is or add some more modern damping material to give a similar effect. It was designed to have a certain amount of damping; removing some or all will certainly change the sound but there is no gurantee it will sound better. Be sure to change the posts as well.
i replace the damping in the mids with Visaton lamb wool, and got very good results. I dind't change the woofer damping. I also replace the feets with ones similar to the ATC , for me one off the best results. The low frequencies became must better, resulting in mutch better image, the mids became mor real, without the interference of the low frequencies, that became not as loose as they use to be, they lost the belly:) I also replace the caps (MKT) and the wires with DNM reason cables. The bidding post as weel.
This changes were made not a the same time, so you only should bipass in the end, all this changes transform the sound in many ways. Good luck
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