B&W DM6, any good compared to speakers today?

I have an opportunity to pick up a vintage pair of B&W DM6's in great shape. How do they compare to todays speakers? I will be driving them with a Fisher 500C. I currently am using Kirksaeter 60's and some vintage AR 91's in my systems.
Not sure how old the DM6's are but today, B&W manufactures many of their speakers with Kevlar drivers for the ultimate in stiffness and longevity plus tapered tube tweeter technology. The result? Superiour soundstaging, music reproduction, detail, and a term I use more than the industry does, ALIVE !! When I compare my B&W's to some older speakers I have, they are not subdued but come out at you in a big way yet still warm and not brash. The DM600-S3 series is their workhorse line and affordable to most of us in the middle class. But there are so many other loudspeaker manufacturers that produce beautiful products such as Vandersteen Audio, PSB, KEF, Tannoy, etc. Hope this helps.
Thank You Pdn,
These speakers were first introduced in the late seventies, evidently it was the first speaker to have a Kevlar midrange. They have a dedicated following and are supposed to sound very musical. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard the "pregnant penguins"?
They probably don't measure as well but I bet they beat modern B&W's handsdown in terms of musicality.
I've owned a pair of DM6 since I bought them new at 19. I will not give them up. Oh, I have had many other speakers since and own several now in various systems. It is true that there is a dedicated following and as such its for good reason. Yes, you can buy better. I am shopping for a pair of 802D's. And, yes I have reviewed many other manufacturers. But considering the price differential theres no match in sound. Sure, some will say that the DM6 in the low end can be "slow". But when paired with solid power these puppies can rock or whisper if you will. Add, that you do not have to be a rocket scientist to set them up in any room (only the very crtical listener would object). Nothing reproduces the female voice better. Especially a bluesy voice.
I've got a pair, bought new in 1978. They've had quite a few different electronics bits feeding music to them over the past 37 year. I guess I might contemplate replacing them with a set of big Magneplanars, but they lack the necessary Wife Approval Factor and would probably block the east windows in my listening room. They've reproduced what I listen to (renaissance, baroque, oldtime, Chicago blues) very nicely with a Threshold 400A driving them, and will soon have a pair of Levinson monos doing that job. Fab midrange, acceptable bass, and yes - female blues singers sound damned good.
Hi,I think,you can bring them up to speed with the internal wiring replaced.Its not expensive.I know people who have done it.I have a pair of pregnant penguins lying around,and will give it a go after Xmas.
I got a pair of these Penguins or Pregnant speakers in 1978 when they were 1st manufactured right off the plane. I still have them. I still use them. They still sound amazing. Better for classical v hard metal, they still push plenty of air with a great amount of presence, no matter what the style of music playing.
I also have a pair of 804s along with (3) THX M8  and (2) SCM8 side speakers along with the 15" giant THX Bass speaker. Along with the 804s' for my Surround Sound. All the speakers are run my Bryston SST series amps, except the THX speakers, powered by a 5 Ch Rotel. 
The DM6's are amazing speakers. Even though they were built in 1978, they have held up great. Worth every penny if can pick up a pair in good shape. 
ANYONE WITH BROKEN DM6's and want to SELL PARTS. I need a SET OF STANDS. I took them off to mount the speakers and lost them over the years. Anyone know of alternative stands, please recommend them.
I still use my DM6's for reference, given that I am so used to how they sound. I may have a sentimental attachment to these. But that does not cloud my hearing. They are amazing speakers. Well Built and I think aesthetically pleasing looking speakers! Unique for sure.

I have a pair of DM6 speakers in very good shape (could almost say excellent shape), but I won't. Want to sell them but do not know what they are going for. Any suggestions?
I have a pair of DM6 speakers since 1978. They are in good condition and still sound good with two Naim 250 power amps. I am looking to upgrade an old Naim preamp to the Townshend Enigma passive preamp and power source. 
Before any upgrade I would advise recapping the DM6s, after the capa are over 40yrs old now. I just replaced the caps in mine and honestly the upgrade bug is gone, a great set of speakers just moved into the "amazing" bracket. Well worth the expense and effort.