b&w dm303 vs 601 s2

Anyone been able to compare these guys? they would be running off a 30watt per channel rotel ra-930ax, source is a sony sacd player. Mainly listen to jazz classical bluegrass rock blues and acoustic stuff. im 100% sure i want the bw sound, dont know why but they have something i like! the 601 s2 are 270, the dm303 are 225 so are the 601's worth the extra 50? im pretty sure they are very similar, maybe even the exact same tweeter, which is why I need your ears!!! I like the yellow kevlar of the 601's but im really all about the sound!
The 600 series lowest midrange drops out less then the 300 series speakers. They can also play louder. Tweeters are the bane of inexpensive speakers. I have a pair of 302s off of a NAD 314 and can tell you that both speakers are balanced to be very immune from electronics quality (which is more good than bad), and both sound better with closer to 100 watts/channel.
so i should spring for the 601 s2 and maybe a bigger amp! anyone else?!
anyone else have an opinion?
I believe the 300 series are the lowest range in the B&W line of speakers. The Kevlar cone in the 601s2 is a bit better than the doped paper cone in the 300 series. If you like the B&W sound I think the 601s2 will be a better choice as it uses the same Kelvar midrange cone driver which is found in the higher line of B&W speakers.
thanks really appreciate it!! would the 601s warrent a better amp? or not really! i know my system is peanuts compared to most but im trying. one step at a time right!

Get the speakers and see how it does it your system. IMHO, it's best to add one piece of equipment at a time, and to live with it, and listen to it, and get to know it's attributes, before adding another piece of equipment. You may find, that for your needs your amp might work perfectly fine with these speakers (B&W/Rotel are generally a good sounding combination) or you may find yourself wanting a better or more powerful amp at some point. Only time will tell, and only you can make that decision, but if it was me, I would reserve that decision for somewhere down the road. Remember in building an audio system it's best to take it a step at a time.

I would definetly go with the DM601-S2s for the additional $50.00. No question. I own a pair of the DM601-S'3s and they're fabulous with a 40 watt/ch older NAD receiver. The soundstage, bass, mid-range, etc will all sound better out of the 601s than the smaller 303s. Just my opinion.
thanks a lot picked em up today! I surly wont need more power they are set up in a smaller room! Thanks for the inputs!!! hahahhahha