B&W DM220's - worth anything or 'give away'?

I have a set of B&W DM202's that I bought new in 1986. They are mint, but they are definitely old stuff. I just bought a set of 703's and want to get rid of the 220's... turns out there are non listed on this site and it seems there isn't really a market for them anymore.

What to do? I've kept them for so long thinking that they were worthy of having... but now I guess they're last decades news.

Anyone have a suggestion?
Did you try listing them here ? I've bought a few things on this site for under $100 for other systems. Give it a try ... there's often a buyer for anything, and there's nothing better than recycling.
Take a nice photo and put them on eBay. You'll get more than you think....

Do you have the 220's or 202's ??

4 Pairs of 220's sold on eBay in the last month. The highest went for $202.50
Sorry, my point wasn't that they were not worth more than $100, just that Audiogon serves as a good place for selling lower price stuff as well as the mega buck equipment.
How much did they cost when new? Are they floor standers? I'm working on a all used home theater system. My front main speakers(1979 DM7 Mark 2-Still excellent) and center channel are B&W. I may be interested in them for rear channels. My electronics are all old(but very good) Acurus equipment.
Yes defintely give them to me!No I am undeserving.I understand whatyour dillema is.When a speaker is that old what would they sound like when surround crumbles and OEM won't re-cone them and if they did would it be worth it?I know some folks who have had good luck either with kits or having a serviuce insatll generic replacement drivers but with these youmight wan't to give them to your niece to take to school since you'd be disapointed with any repairs.I worked in HIfi shop and it was kind of sad when folks got used to a pice of wquipment slowly failing and didn't even know "buzzing" or other horrible sound WASN'T supposed to be there.But if we could successfully rrpair or replace with new speakers that was nice.Like I said I have empathy since I have thought the same way about stuff where it was a dillema of what to do.
With my experience, B&W speakers hold up very very good. I don't think that their Kevlar midranges would ever go bad.
If the surrounds of your speakers crumble then refoam them yourself for about $25 and have like-new speakers again. I've done several pairs. It takes about an hour and is really easy.
I pulled them out today and replaced them with the 602's. Now they are sitting in my spare bedroom along with an old Yamaha center and a POS sub. I will post them as a package deal - but at my office, not here.

Shipping for them would be a killer.

Froma few old aucitons on e-bay and from prior auctions on other sites, it appears that they are worth ~$150 with the center and the sub, I'll ask $200 at the office and take $100-150.

Damn... I do feel bad about letting them go. They served me well for over 15 years. I had them in 6 houses across 6 states. Oh well.

Again, Thank you. If anyone is near New Haven CT, send me an e-mail otherwise I'll keep looking here for a used Rotel 1077... that's the next purchase in a long series. :-)