B W DM17

I just picked these up at a tag sale. I know they were made in about 1983, can't find out any other information. Does anybody know anything about these speakers.
Contact B & W. The website is www.bwspeakers.com. Once there you can contact them by e-mail. Give them the serial number and ask any questions you have. The peopole at B & W are very helpful. Goos Luck, Doug
OOPS, a few typos. Sorry, Doug
I still have a pair of B&W DM-14 that I bought new in 1883. They were good then and they are good now. I used them for a while in my HT as rears. Your 17s are listed in the Audiogon blue book as $900 new and about $280 used....first made in 1982. They don't compete with today's high end for imaging though. My model has a built in clipping circuit breaker: an interesting feature.
Snooker14, I have one question. You bought your DM-14's in 1883? Just kidding. Doug
Well Doug, I don't see the joke. I used them the whole way West on the wagon train, every time the Indians attacked. When I turned those babies on with my hand crank generator and the recordings I made at Gettysberg a couple decades earlier, those poor guys would just turn tail and run. They thought a whole army was hiding in the wagons. That's howcome we made it to 'Frisco. Almost lost them in the big quake, but me and those speakers are real survivors. Were still here today!
Sorry Snook, I didn't realize you were serious. I am curious though, why didn't you help General Custer? My bad. Having read several articles on the General, you probably did, but he denied your help. He probably thought he could whip those Indians by himself. I hope the three of you survive any and all future quakes should pester you. Good Post. Doug
Yes, of course I knew George, and I did offer. But he just said "I march to the tune of a different drummer", and then he was gone.
Thanks for the info, I guess picking them up for $62.50 was a great deal!
I should say so! Good deal!
Good Deal Artie. You will be pleased with the B & W speakers. I have 801 Matrix III's and love them.