B&W DM 640 Tower Speakers- Decent?

A friend has been listening to a pair of Boston Acoustic 2-way speakers with his all Tandberg (early 90’s) gear. His system is good but the speakers seem to be a weak link. I have come across a pair of B&W DM 640 tower speakers in great shape. The price is good to at $250. I am not familiar with these but they look like a solid mid-fi reproducer and would be an upgrade from his current BA bookshelf speakers. 

Anyone offer some insight on the quality and reproduction character of the 640’s? 
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If you can get a pr. for $250, don't hesitate and buy them. They retailed for around $1500 I believe in their day. I owned this spk. and I liked them very much. (Driven by NAD seperates and Vintage Kenwood KA-7100.) I wish I never sold them. They did have different length tubes/and a cap for the rear port. They'll sounded much better than your BA's IMO.