B&W dm 620

Hey guys, I just bought the b&w dm 620 off here for 200 dollars shipped. That seemed like a fair deal to me, especially because it's a b&w. I have owned other B&W's in the past: dm303's and the dm 602 s3's. How do you think I will like these speakers? Can anyone comment on them or how they would compare to the other B&W's I have owned. Thanks in advance.
Difficult to comment without hearing them but looking strictly at their specifications, they have a high sensitivity of 96dB so they should be easy to drive but they are a 4 ohm nominal impedance. Their freq response range is from 58hz to 20khz so they won't get down very low in bass ext. It has an 8" mid-range/bass driver so that should provide good slam. This was the first 600 series developed and built opon the former 500 series loudspeakers. Don't know the vintage but I would guess early 1990's. Can you tell us the year they were built? Just curious. Let us know how they sound.
I have a pair that I use when I listen through a pair of 70-watt mono tubes. I like 'em a lot. Mine are set up just off the floor (4 or 5 inches), toed in slightly and tilted up a few degrees. Depending on my mood, I'm not as concerned with accuracy as I am with the overall sound and these fit the bill. They sound good through my Creek 85-watter as well. IIRC, they were 6 or 7-hundred dollars new back in the early 90s.

Enjoy. For a couple hundred bucks you've got good sound and they're fun to listen to.
Looks like they should be arriving today. I will surely post my impressions. Thanks for the feedback!