B&W DM 602 S3 connection question

I bought a pair of used B&W DM 602 S3 and this is the first pair of speakers that i have owned that has 4 connection posts for possible bi-amping or bi-wiring.

Are the separate pairs of connectors supposed to be connected by a link? I don't have access to the owners manual since i bought the speakers used.

Do i just link both pairs together? or is it allright to use either one of the pairs without connecting them together?

Any help would be appreciated.
Do you have the metal jumpers? If not connect red to red and black to black using 10/12 gauge wire then hookup as normal top or bottom. This is very basic and there are several other ways to configure.

I'm sure others will have some other ways
As Grinell says, the principal is straightforward. You connect the cables from your speaker to one or the other of the positive and negative terminal pairs on the back of your speaker, just as if you had only one pair back there. You then connect the two positive terminals together and the two negative terminals together.

The best way to do that depends on which kind of terminals you have and their orientation. The jumpers between the upper and lower terminals can be a very short piece of bare speaker cable, just long enough to go from one bare wire hole to the other, a short length of cable with spades on each end, sized to make a short loop out to the side, a short length of cable with banana plugs on each end, sized to make a short loop from the back end of one terminal to another...and probably any number of other variations.

However you do it, the point is to get a solid connection between your amp and your speakers and between the bi-wire terminals without any possibly of something working loose and touching the other cable or terminal.

There's also the whole world of bi-wire cables to explore, since you've got that possibility. A search of the archives on that subject will give you more threads than you can ever possibly read.
I bi-wired my 602's and got a better extended sound. I used some Kimber 8PR in a 3/5 configuration
If you want to try bi-wiring the speakers, which might actually be about the same amount of effort as making jumpers, you could buy bulk Canare 4s11 or 4s8 and try it using bare wire termination all around.

The Canare is inexpensive but very good-quality cable and has four conductors inside the outer jacket. You would twist the two red conductors and the two white conductors together at the amp end but connect them separately at the speaker end, the two reds to the positive terminals and two whites to the negative. Cutting one red and one white shorter than the other two by the distance between the speaker terminals makes the connection easier.

The cable is available from places like markertek.com at $.55 and $1.25 a foot, meaning an 8 foot pair would cost $20 or so, plus the cost of spades or bananas if you decided to add those for convenience.