B&W D800 D802 VS. W/P 8

Anyone that has actually have listened to both of these?

Talking nearfield listening, set up in medium sized to small rooms. Near wall and free space need?, requirements in terms of amplification?

What i'm trying to avoid is problems with room acoustics as far as possible. (some loudspeakers are less sensitive by design)
Dipole is ofcourse easiest to work with, followed by transmission line.
Also hate the obvious issues with energi storage in terms of disrupting the sound.

Preferences in music, is multilayered, progressive and quite brutal dynamical outbursts.
I have a weakness for electronica and crossover.
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In the past I went from 802D's to W/P 7's and the difference was not subtle, much prefering the W/P's. That said, I don't want to be too critical of the B&W's as I question if I gave them enough room to work their best. My system is in my living room and I can only pull my speakers out so far. For me and my room, given the choice today of 802D's and W/P 8's, I'd go for the 8's.
nearfield is absolute overkill with either of these triplets, but thats just me.
As much as I prefer the B&W Diamond series to earlier ones,my gut instinct is that the WP is capable of more and has less of a finger-print on the sound.The WP does prefer a slightly warmer balanced amplifier,thus my recs for the VAC Ren series.This amp also has variable feedback and allows the end-user to adjust the bass control (warmer/fuller VS taut/well damped).
IMHO not the best choice of speakers for near field listening. Need to know more about your associated equipment before anyone can give you any valued input.
IMHO not the best choice of speakers for near field listening..(Brf)

IMHO not the best choice of speakers for near or far field listening