B&W CM9 with PrimaLuna Dialogue 2

I have recently purchased B&W CM9 and I am thinking of buying PrimaLuna Dialogue 2 tube amplifier. I have never had a chance to listen these two together and if someone has had such an listening experience I would really appreciate if you can share it here.
Thank you.
If it helps, I can tell you about a comparable, if a little older/lower end, set up: 703s and a Prologue 2.

In my 13x15, very cluttered, not very reflective, basement home office. I've had them all sorts of distances from the back and side walls, and finally settled on about 2.5' from the back wall, and 2' from the side walls.

The amplifier has no trouble driving the 703s to comfortable listening levels and beyond.

The Soundstage is wide and fairly deep, and with most good recordings, the speakers disappear.

They exhibit what I understand to be the better part of the B&W sound, with a wonderful and detailed mid-range. The tweeters were a little bright sounding to me for the first few months, but either I grew accustomed to it, or they mellowed out during break-in. Also a bit of tube rolling can help adjust for perceived deficiencies.

I often wonder how they would sound in a larger room, with a bunch more watts. Quite different, I suppose.

Having said that, two important points:

1. I'm not a particularly gifted listener. I do groove on the music, but my audiophile experience and vocabulary is limited.

2. I will probably be replacing them in the next few months with something more typically associated with tube gear. While I am not at all unhappy, I've begun to believe/understand that there are even better sounding options out there for me. And smaller too-- the 703s, at least, really dominate the room. I may move back to a mini-monitor-- my prior setup included Soliloquy 5.0s, and they really were a better fit for the room.