B&W CM9 vs. Monitor Audio RX 8

I am interested in these two brands. I need one pair for a 2 channel music system. If you have experience with either or both, please give me your advice.
Thanks in advance,
I was convinced that I would never get any speakers other than B&Ws. I love that company, and for the price, I consider them to be 'giant killers' throughout their entire line. I see agoners constantly knocking companies like B&W and MF because they get constantly reviewed by mags and praised and through being very successful they become 'very common'. It seems like once a brand is not an audiophile 'secret', people knock them. I love MF and Jolida as well, I think they outclass or match much pricier gear. BUT, after hearing the RX8s, I bought them. They outclassed the CM9s to me. As they broke in, I am floored by how incredible the RX8s sound. They push a lot of bass, so if you're not into a lot of bass, stay away. Somehow they do it with 4" cones, which I still can't believe. But it's very tight bass. I used a decent $1,000 12" powered Sub with my B&Ws, which I read were 'bass heavy'. Now that sub stays off, as it's bass isn't needed and just sounds bloated and cheap compared to the RX8s. They are superb in every area I can think of.

Don't the RX8's have 6" drivers? Or are we talking
about two different speakers?
You are correct. They are 6" and you can feel the bass hit your chest, and warm mids and sweet highs aren't even close to getting drowned out.
i heard a pair of rx6 today and man they were AWESOME.... i thought they had the subwoofer connected,guy said nope!... im sold! buying them
I have the previous model, RS6; very similar to the RX6. I've also listened extensivley to the RX8. I've recently acquired the upgrade bug and been thinking about new speakers but when I get home and listen to the RS6, I forget all about upgrading.