B&W CM9 Vs. MA GS20 Vs. PSB Imagine T

Looking for upgrade from DefTech BP10, Preference is music, Powering Amp is ADCOM 100wpc, Powered Sub is Velodyne spl-1000 10 inch 1000W powered sub

Looking at
- B&W CM9 Demo Model for $2400 ($600 off)
- Monitor Audio Gold GS 20 Demo for $2200 ($800 off)
- PSB Imagine T New $2000 (no dollar off)

Thought PSB was rather small (Stereophile budget product 2009) for my 18' x 15 ' x 9 ft ceiling. 18 ft side is full open to dinning kitchen and interconnected to cathedral ceilings. Is it wise to go for a large speaker like 3 way CM9 (not reviewed much but has EISA award 2009) or 2-1/2 way GS20 (not reviewed much). Does it matter since I have a sub ?.

Has anyone listened to any of these speakers ? Any recommendations would be appreciated ?.
I own the CM7's along with the CM1 and CMC. I heard the CM9 vs the 7 and was impressed. The CM series have an excellent midrange, very real in detail. the bass should be acceptable without a sub unless you like the "boom" effect or perhaps with movies. the price sounds reasonable and I dont think you would be disappointed. Cant speak for the others as I have no experience.
Thanks, liked the CM9 when I listened to it. Now it is comparison between these system to see which would be fit for the room and value for the money.

I noticed certain retailers are having year end sale.
- Couldnt see any sales for B&W CM9 other than demo units
- MA GS20 are sale $2400 free shipping on Digital Craze, demo unit for $2200 not sure if they will be comparable to B&W CM9 in sound quality and quantity.
- PSB Imagine T is $1500 in American Theater, Krazy Kat Electronics,Inc. I am not sure if the size will be enough for my 18x 15 ft open room .
- Kef IQ90 for $1200 open box on One call (New $1500) -size ?

Has anyone listened to these speakers Is Kef iQ90, PSB Imagine T small for my room? Is MAGS20 comparable to B&W CM9? and has anyone used these retailers are they authorized and safe to buy from ?

Appreciate the comments
I would certainly value the listening experience vs opinions. We all like to hear what others say, but listening to them in person allows a better comparison vs what other house brands the store may have.