B&W CM9 S2 Speakers

B&W CM9 S2 Speakers, matched these speakers up with a Krell S-300i and I must say that I am impressed but only after I realized I needed to remove the mesh covers on the CM9 S2 tweeters. What a difference...whoa!

I figure I'd post this for those other CM9 S2 owners that may not realize the full potential of their speakers. Be careful removing the mesh. Use the magnet tool furnished by B&W and carefully pull at the bottom. The top of the mesh will have a lip that slides up under the tweeter housing. It's a piece of cake to remove.

Previous set up was sweet but entering dino stage, Focals with McCormack DNA-1/Cary SLP-03.
I just wanted to add, had I an unlimited amount of dinero and a decent entertainment room my choice would be BAT and Legacy. I'm just a simple man...heheh :)
Had to come back and correct mysef: had I 50K to spend, it would be on BAT, then I'd try and hustle my wife out a pair of Legacys but I'd regret it, she wanted something in return.

I've spent too much time in the forum again. Hope I can get away soon...*laffs
Once again I realized I should have to come back and posted after I had a lil time with those speakers. They suck, a month later I realized they were not anything close to what a B&W speaker should be. Owned a couple of other B&W’s, their 703’s and their 803 Nautilus. 703’s were my preference, 803’s were an excellent choice but just power hungry.
I wasted money chasing the B&W commercial line. Got rid of them within 3 months. Thought I’d share.
What didn't you like about the cm9s2?  They're pretty good speakers for the money 
Too fatiguing on the ears? After owning a couple of the Nautilus series I guess I expected more. I did have the opportunity to listen to a 803 Diamond set up and that blew me away, too much dinero for my blood though. I'm far from being a guru when it comes to audio but my ears insist I am. Too me, the CM series is a commercial grade, I'm not dissing them but they seem to belong with a class D amp.
I thought I'd just throw my two cents out there, probably shouldn't had.