B&W CM9 or Opera Quinta?

I have the choice of buying either pair (used) for the same amount of money. The speakers would be driven with a SS amp and with a tube amp. My room is small/to medium size. I am most concerned about the low end reproduction all along with detail and definition in the mid to high spectrum, and if possibly 3-d music rendering. I like music (mostly rock) at a medium volume. Which pair of speakers would be more adecuate for my needs? Any help/comments would be very much aprecciated! Thanks in advance for your help.
both are really nice sounding models for all catagories of music, but i'm a fool for the fit and finish of the quinta. they should sound great with your gear.
Every B&W speaker I've heard (which included the smaller CM7) failed to impress me with rock. I chose the Energy RC-70s over the CM series because it was more natural, and the tweeter was much smoother and non-fatiguing than the one used in the CM series.