B&W CM8 or 805?


I am about to pull the trigger on some B&W CM8s at the local Best Buy/Magnolia and I was wondering if I should opt for Nautilus 805s instead. I can get a pair of used Nautilus 805 and stands for about the same $2K that the CM8s are going for new (w/ attractive 36 month no interest financing).

I am an apartment dweller and do not want to overload my living room or piss off my neighbors. So, if I got the CM8s I would definitely be plugging the ports with the supplied bung to de-emphasize the low end.

Amplification comes in the form of a Primare SPA21 and I listen to just about everything save Country and Orchestral. I love the B&W sound signature so I'm pretty set on these two.

Thank you in advance for your advice.
Tough choice but I'd go for the CM8. It has the lastest
midrange and improved tweeter over the older Nautilus 805.
Nice with the Primare gear too.
At a $2000.00 price point; don't settle for anything less than the B&W 805S' on stands. Lead or sand filled. Technologically, I too, would love to hear the new CM8's but auditioning will save you great heartache in the long run; regardless of financing :)

I've owned the 805S and recently upgraded to the 805Di... similar designs and footprint- but completely revolutionary change in sound.
Well, I purchased the CM8s from Best Buy (30 day return policy) and was very impressed with thier performance. The FST midrange was extremely resolving, top end was very open and airy, and the bass was very tought.

In the end I took them back because they were a little too powerful for my apartment and I will be targeting a pair of 805S or SF Cremona Auditors.
Check out audio advisors in Palm Beach Florida for the CM8's, if you really want them, they are running a deal buy one speaker get the second 1/2 off which works out to $1650 for a pair of CM8's (sat. is the last day to take advantage of this deal)/ 2250 for the cm9's, etc. I'm deciding between CM9, 804s or 805s, so frustrating. Listened to the 805di today, cm8 and cm9, and all sound great. Funny the 805di sounded to bright until he kicked in the sub and then what a huge difference, unbelievable sound. The 8 and 9 sounded great, although would have gone with the 9 over the 8.