B&W CM7s paired with Decco

I'm thinking about going with a pair of CM7s, and pairing it with the Decco ( http://signalpathint.com/index.php/Peachtree-Audio-Products/Peachtree-Audio-Products.html ). The Decco has a great DAC, and I have most of my CD collection digitally stored as FLAC files, so that seems to make sense. The Decco is a 50w per channel amp, so it seems as though that should be enough to power the CM7s initially, with a possible upgrade to a nice Rotel amp or something.

Has anyone tried this combo, or perhaps suggest some improvements? This is my first 'audiophile' purchase ( other than my Grado headphones :) ), so I'm pretty much starting from scratch.

I have B&W CM1 with Decco and you really can't go wrong with it. It's the most bang/buck audio product I've purchased and the quality is as good as $2000 amp and the built in DAC is superb.