B&W CM7 Impedance Curve

This is a shot in the dark, but here it goes. Has anyone seen an impedance curve graph for the B&W CM7? I contacted B&W's U.S. operations and they told me that it's not available. That leads me to believe it looks like the Swiss Alps, and also makes me angry considering most other companies would provide that information right on their web site. I wish I had been wiser in my choice of speakers. What do they think, someone's going to crack the code on these not too bad speakers?
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Ask 'em about phase angle, too. That should raise there hackles.

phase is arguably more important that impedance. And a hi phase angle at the same frequency as a low impedance dip is worst of all.

a 45degree angle will reduce apparent power by 30%, not at all trivial.

some amps, mainly tube, simply do not like such loads.
Sound & Vision magazine reviewed and measured these speakers.

Thanks Layman. I read that just the other day. The review doesn't tell me a heck of a lot, probably because I don't know enough about it. I'm trying to figure out if I could make myself happier with different speakers.
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Thanks Bob. Why is B&W's published frequency response not coincide with Tom N's findings? Do the manufacturers butter it up a little or do they measure it differently?
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I ask this without any attitude behind it: Why do you need or want to know ?