B & W CM10

Have a 25 year old set of Thiel CS2.2 speakers. I am thinking about purchasing B&W CM10GBs. This is my maximum price range. Have McIntosh MC206 amp/ McIntosh MX119 preamp/processor and Oppos Cd. Will I be happy? I like the B& W sound. I also use a JL Audio 112 subwoofer
B&W and Mac is a good combo and Cm10 is a really decent speaker. I use a Mac integrated with the older 700 series floor stander.
I made the purchase of the B&W CM10GB and am using it with a JL Audio F110 sub. I am very happy with the sound. I am thinking about Kimber 12TCs for the speaker cable. I have the ANTICABLE Gen 1 currently
I use the Atlas line on my B&Ws. I do use Kimber 8PR on my smaller system with Proac speakers. Both sets are biwired.