B&W CM1 and Polk RTIA1 or A3-comparisons?

I have a pair of B&W CM1s and I'm thinking of selling them and getting something more efficient, cheaper and pocketing the difference.
The Polks have been well reviewed, are efficient enough and have an easy impedence for my Denon receiver without an amp.
Anybody have experience with both speakers? Any thoughts?
Whatever I replace the B&Ws with will have to have a VERY natural vocal, no boxiness at all. They will also have to be cheaper.
These Polks don't seem to be available anywhere in Co. Is there anyone in Co. who has a pair of the RTIA1 or A3 and is willing to let me come over and have a listen?
Try the B&W 685s. Phenomenal stand-mount monitor for the price, around $650, and better bass and fuller mid-range than your CM1s. Vocals are very natural, though it will lack some of the definition of the CM1s. Personally I prefer the 685s.