B & W CM 6's what might compliment these speakers?

Hello, Today while at my local hi fi shop I purchased a pair of B&W CM 6's. They were on sale and I got a good deal. I couldn't pass em up..

This is my 1st purchase to get my system started. I was thinking about going with a Rotel RSX 1056 surround sound receiver.

Could someone recommend some other gear to go along with this? Or maybe offer up a system they would recommend building with these speakers. I will have to buy a piece at a time.. but what should my next buy be?

I hope to hear from some of you experts! I really could use some guidance.


Please feel free to email me. Y9969@aol.com

I think that would be an absolute great match for your new CM6's.
They will play fine with the RSX-1056, but they will sing with the RSX-1067. The 1067 has a great power supply and puts out 120 watts/ch. see recent review from Brit magazine.