B&W CDM9nt used vs new 683's

Great condition CDM9nt's for $1000 or buy new 683's for $1600 pr.  I have a NAD 375BEE and a 16'x24'x10' room to play them in.  Go used or buy new?
I have owned 600 series floor standers and currently own CDM-1NTs (stand mounted).  Were I faced with your choice, I'd go with the 9NTs.  Assuming they're in great shape, you're getting a much nicer speaker all the way around, especially where appearance is concerned.  I was able to source replacement tweeters for mine via B&W service center (twin boys as toddlers. . . no surprise) and they were an easy install, so any maintenance you'd need to do should be supported by parts.  The sound is more to my preference as well--likely not so much a function of the drivers, but more so because of the enclosure quality.
Thank you, that was helpful.