B&W cdm7nt experiences

Just inserted a pair of CDM7NT's into what I consider a good, old, mid-fi system. Still breaking in, but they seem bright, even sizzly. The tweeter sound seems more forward than the rest of the spectrum, it's a bit distracting. Nice low end. Have other CDMxNT listeners had this experience? Of course there are lots of things to tweak, but I'd appreciate a baseline sense of how much of this brightness is just the rest of my system vs the speakers themselves. If you have found good matching components for your CDM's, what were they? I'm running British (Musical) Fidelity Preamp 3B, Marantz 140 pwr, older Sony mobile CD player, Thorens TT, Ortofon cartridge, 12ga. zip cord speaker cables, Straightwire IC. Am ready to start upgrading, probably starting with better CD and biwiring. All suggestions welcome, thanks in advance.

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I used to sell them. the problem is that they came from the "P" line.In the p-line the tweeter was a plastic material and the lower driver was close to the floor to give a close couple with the floor. The new cdm line moved the lower driver up and changed to a metal dome. Unless proper slopes and good poly caps are used metal domes do what you hear.In the future seek out a silk dome driver based system or a textile dome based system.Taddeo had a great line a few years ago.I know Tony from the Rochester area.The P-5 or P-6 is more what you might be interested in. Good luck.