B&W CDM 9NT or Focal Prestige 928??

I currently own the BWs but I have the opportunity to get a pair of Focal Prestige 928. The question is ¿would I get a better sound, in general, with the 928s? I like the BW 9NT but I wonder if by getting the 928s I will notice a reasonably change in the sound. Any comments out there? The speakers will be driven by a Bel canto SETi40 and a Primare I21 in smalish room (10´x 15´). Thanks in advance for your comments!
I've looked on the web and can't find anything on the Focal 928.
That being said, it will be harder to re-sell them over the B&W's.
I'm not a B&W fan, but I do know that if you want to play around with buying and selling used monitors, B&W is a safe bet.
Just something to consider.