B W CDM 9 NT or NAUTILUS 804's

I Have a B&K AVR-202 (105 watts per) receiver, and I want to know if it would be worth the difference in $ to go to the 804's with this receiver.
Please help if you can,
YOu know, the CDM9NT's are terrific speakers for the money! I think with this receiver based system (receivers are a sonic compromise overall compared to separates really!...ALWAYS!!!), you would do very well with these slightly easier to drive CDM9nt's! Yes the 804's have a tick more potential, but not at twice the money!!!! However, the speakers are the most important component in the electronics chain overall (but it's all balance in the end!), and you should chose your budget accordingly!
years back, when I was working in a high end salon, my compatriots and I tried playing "mid-fi" wars with top of the line receivers by Yamaha(DSPA3090)and Denon(AVR5600) (actually I've owned the B&k AVR202 for a shortwhile). We drove some modest little B&W DM601's full range, as well as some big Mirage M5i's, through the receivers, playing a variety of regea, rock and classical music through the set-up's, and came up with the follow conclussions about receiver based systems for fullrange music dubties on ANY SPEAKER BUT POWERED/ACTIVES!!....RECEIVES CANNOT COMPETE WITH SEPARATES!!!!...It's alway's a sonic compromise! The
sound of the little speakers played full range off of either of these big receivers was simply NOT very good, in most aspects that counted! When we simply used the receivers as preamps, and attached a little modest 2 channel power amp for our tests, drivin the speakers off of the external amps (in this case we used a simple little Denon POA8200), the sound was AMAZINGLY light years better!!...WOW!...I cannot state how much an improvement it was sonically! Yes, I can say that I don't give any receivers amp section that much credit really! They're just not that impressive on their own. The only way I think any reciever (and the B&K is clean and clear..Don't get me wrong) would work out on some full range speakers ok, and sound good, is if the speakers were "powered" by their own internal amp, thus assisting the receivers amps!...this works very well with receivers actually!!)
It appears that the amp sections in these big receivers do better when you configure the speakers for "small" instead of full range dubties, letting a sub fill in the bottom! But of course, this has it's compromises for "fullrange" 2 channel applications in the end..but better than letting a full range speaker be driven on it's own by a simple receiver!...just sound week and flat overall!!
I guess the amps in receivers need to drive too many other components (i.e, digital processor, tuner, preamp, lights and switches, etc, etc..plus the speakrs!). It's ultimately a pretty week pressentation compared to what a good quality amp can do on some speakers!
So, anyway, enough with my little "side-trip" here. My advise would be, if your going to drive either of these quality speakers (cdm9's or Nautilus 804's), you should really prepare to get a separate amp to drive these guy's!!!!...the sound will be much much much better than what you'll get off of that otherwise clean sounding reciever!(just use the pre-outs)! If you do not want to do this however, I know you'd get ok results (just not stellar) using the CDM9's with that reciever. And they are very good speakers!...I'd buy em sure. It's just that, whatever you end up with, you can be sure that you'll get 100% improvement easy using a better amp to drive the speakers you end up with!
My recommendation would be, for the money, Your receiver as a Pre/pro, adding a better B&K 4BST (at least, if you must use matching gear) for the 2 mains, and get the CDM9's and matching center/rears!!!....the sound will be very very good I assure you!!! (I've experiece with ALL thes pieces in question!). If you really want to go more all out then, by all means, get the Nautilus 804's (about 5-10% better over all I guess....?), the matching center/rears, using your receiver as the pre/pro (you could also sell and get a stand alone prepro???), and add some better amps!!! This would sound muy muy fantastic if set-up correctly!
One of my favorit 2 channel/HT system set-ups, for modest sized rooms, consists of B&W CDM9NT's, with matching center and rears, driven by Classe SSP25/30 and 5 channel Classe Amps!!!...wow! For the money, this is extremely satisfying for not a whole whole lot of money!!!
Anyway, I'm starting to drift again here...sorry!
Ok, if you must keep that decent receiver (and I think you put the cart before the horse here...the speakers are more important factor than the reciever for the sound overall!), my suggetion is that you, again, go with the CDM's(and save some money here), and simply add a better 2 , 3 , or 5 channel amp to your system!!!! B&K, Parasound, ATI, all make affordable 5 channel amps under $1700 range new!! Adding one of these to your receiver would make a vast difference!...vast!!! also, for more money/better performance, Classe makes a very good choice in 5 channel amps to go with your speakres!!!! I like the Classe 5 channel best with the B&W's, then the Bryston (forget the class A rating thing!...this is expensive for your purposes!!!), this combo just works well!!!
anyway, good luck
No, but someday if you get into separates, it could be -- but that would depend upon your listening biases. Just the mere fact that you are using a receiver, albeit a decent one, would say to me that the refinements in the N804 would go largely unappreciated. Heck, I'm using excellent separates and my CDM 9NTs sound good enough to me. Others may see it differently, but I am content to spend the money I saved on more software and tweaks.
I got N804s and CDM7SE,CDMCSE speakers. The difference is that the N804s are in my seperate 2ch only system (Classe power)where they really shine. My CDMSEs are in my seperate HT system powered by my Marantz SR-18. The N804s have nicer bass, but you still need a sub for HT. The new 9NT has the better midrange driver of the Nautlis line, but for a HT only system, I don't feel I need the upgrade. IMHO, the CDM line is best for high end HT systems, Nautlis for music. Even with my old CDMSEs, a movie with good audio gives me chills it sounds so good. Never forget, the most important speaker in HT is the center. In the CDM line you get B&Ws first great center.
The CDM-7NT and CDM-9NT are a lot better that the CDM-7SE, which (the CDM-7SE) in my opinion is great for HT, and sucks royally for music. Back in the days of the original CDM-7 and CDM-7SE the speakers to get for music were the P5 which is equivalent to the CDM-7 and the P6 which would have been like the CDM-9 (if there had been one).

I still have a pair of P5s which I preferred for classical over the Matrix 804. I demo'd them both side by side in my home at the time. I have thought about getting a pair of Nautilus 804, but wonder the same thing. How much better than the P5 to justify spending $3500. The P5 listed for $1500; I bought mine brand new when they were discontinued for only $1000. They were a steal for $1500. The P5 was never popular in the US. I see used pairs for only $600 which is the bargain of the century.

Has anyone checked out the new CM-4 which have very classic looks.

First of all, let me say that there is a significant difference between the sound of the CDM 9NT and the 804, even when something as mid fi as a B&K 202 is used. The NT does not have the airiness in the highs, and the bass is much less controlled, and sounds looser. Understand, the 9NT is not bad, just the 804 is significantly better. When we originally auditioned these speakers back to back, my friend really wanted to like the 9NT, but was forced to admit that the clarity of sound of even the 805s was worth the tradeoff in bass, and the 804 was significantly better sounding. He ended up buying Joseph Audio 25s, which are absolutely fantastic speakers in their own right, and I bought the 804s. I have these set up with the HTM2s, and 805s rear, a REL Strata III subwoofer, and being driven off a B&K 202 in a relatively small room. I plan to eventually go to separates, probably Sunfire or Bryston, but I have to say the system sounds awfully good the way it is, and I have no regrets spending the extra for the Nautilus series. I have to completely disagree with the first post by AVDCreations. These speakers do not sound better with the bass management set to small, even with the REL subwoofer which is a wonderful match with the B&Ws. In fact, it makes the speakers sound lean and underpowered. I find the best is to set all of my speakers to large, and the subwoofer to Ultra. There is a considerable difference and increased richness in sound.
As Eyeman said, I seriously auditioned the CDM9 NT's vs. the 804's and 805's. I was primed to like the NT's as being "just like" the 804's with a slighty different cabinet. Believe me, they are not close to the 804's, no matter what a salesman tries to implant in your head. The 804's were a clearly superior speaker in every way. In fact, I thought that the CDM9 NT sounded almost distorted, when compared to the 804's. When you consider how long many people keep their speakers, spend the extra money. I also disagree with setting the bass management to small. I use 805's in front, a REL Strata III, and CDM1 SE's for the rear, and an HTM-2. Using the large setting greatly improved the HT sound. That all being said, much as I like the 804's, I liked the Joseph Audio rm 25si over the 804's. They rule! (I now use them in my music system with Plinius 16/SA100 III combo).
I just purchased the N804s along with the HTM-1 center. Incredible! I'm so glad I purchased the Nautilus instead of the CDM9s. Believe me, they are better in every way. If you plan to keep the speakers for several years and upgrade your electronics as you go along then get the N804s. You won't regret it.