B&W Cdm 1nt vs B&W 685 ???

The reson i am asking this is because everyone is talking about the new 685 and how good it is and how is the best value that b&w ever made and it won so many awrds.
Now i had the cdm 1nt but for some reason i sold them.
Now i would like to get another pair of used cdm 1nt's wich costs as much as a pair of new 685's.
Please advise .
I know that alot of you might say that i should go and listen to both speakers and what you might like i might not.
if i get the 685 i get 5 years of warranty.
if i get cdm 1nt i get a more classy look,real wood,"made in england",etc.
Please help me :) any replay will be more then helpfull.
The B&W CDM 1NT are a classic. I had a pair from 2000-2003. I regret selling them. If I find a used pair some day in mint condition and assuming I have a little extra discretionary spending money, I'll grab them. The light cherry finish was very nice and my wife actually liked how they looked and sounded. That was rare for her. The N805 model from that same vintage were also excellent and very beautiful to look at. I don't know what your amplification is but as for speaker cables on them, the best was a discontinued model from Stealth called Premier, a copper litz configuration with soft silver spades. This was a match made in heaven with a Rotel amp and the combination was excellent for both music and home theater.
I have not listened to the 685 but the CDM series are excellent. I've owned the CDM 1SE's for almost 12 years, just recently sold them away earlier this year, and it's a classic really. The CDM 1NT would be close to the N805's performance so I can safely say the CDM 1NT is another classic. I have owned the N805 for a brief period by the way. I agree with the previous posters in that the CDM range is a step-up from the 600 series.
I've had the CDM-1NT's for about 8 years now.

Still don't feel the need to upgrade.

I have listened to the N805 and it was nice, but the law of diminishing returns kicked in pretty quickly.