B&W CDM 1NT alternatives

I am needing to replace my existing Paradigm Export/BP bipoles for smaller, less obtrusive and hopefully easier to position speakers. I'm looking towards a sub/sat-bookshelf combo. From what I have heard (Paradigm, Definitive, B&W, Boston, Klipsch), I definitely like the B&W CDM 1NT's the most. However (isn't there always a however?), even at $700 used, they are out of my price range since I want the system to be decent for home theater as well, which means I will need a sub with a bookshelf size speaker. Besides, I'm a little afraid of the performance since I am not running high-end amplification (Yamaha RXV-692 receiver).

Can anyone recommend a speaker/sub combo that will approach the beautiful sound of the CDM 1NT's but at a cost more near the $500 USD mark (not incl the sub)? I would certainly appreciate it.

Rcommendations so far:

B&W 60x series (need to re-listen to these)
New Dahlquist line (QX6)
Paradigm (last time I listened they simply didn't even approach the CDM 1NT's at this price point)
Ascend Acoustic

B&W 602 SIII. Lots of boom and sizzle, with a fairly good midrange. Won't overly embarrass your receiver. KEF UniQ ones are smaller and much more attractive, and provide a broader listening angle, too. Yeah, I think you'll like the KEF. Doesn't have the great mids of a Spendor 3/5 et al, but for your system you'll be happy. Have fun.
Prior to switching from a NAD 7220PE Receiver to a Bryston B-60, I wasn't displeased with the performance of the CDM 1NT's but with the B60, I was amazed at their capabilities. Before the CDM's, I had a pair of Vandersteen 1B's that I was quite happy with run off my receiver, but these are definitely too big for your application. Maybe a pair of the CDM1SE model would be in your price range. I myself never got to hear a pair, but many people on this site have given them rave reviews.
Are the 1SE's less than the NT's? I didn't realize this if that is the case.
they are the older version I believe and have seen them sell for around $600 used. Some people seem to like them better than the NT's.
Why get an alternative? I just purchased a pair of 1nt's from Custom TV in Modesto, CA (check the B&W website for the dealer phone #) for $600! Brand new from B&W in red stained cherry. Did they misprice? Maybe? Do I care? What do you think...
Umm Darink@attbi.com,
You must have got lucky because I just called that dealer and they wanted $1197 for the pair!! If you can get me that price by all means do so. ;)
I found an older set of NEAR M15's and asked the designer for updated drivers. Even the older drivers were more to my taste than the B&W's.

Dynaudio BM6 studio moniror is a good alternative (I heard that a new pair costs between $750 and $850). You can find a used pair on eBay from time to time (The BM6 has an "active" version in which the amplifier is built in; you want the "passive" version.). To make the BM6s sign, you may want to upgrade your amplifier to a Creek integrated amp for example.

Here is some data about the BM6:
Frequency Response(+/- 3 dB): 43 Hz - 20 kHz
Sensitivity (2.83 V/1m): 86 dB
Amplifier minimum: 40 W (> 94 dB SPL @ 1,5m)
Impedance, Nominal: 5.4 Ohms