B&W CDM 1 SE or CDM 1 NT

Can any one tell me the differences between these 2 speaker: The B&W CDM 1 SE and the CDM 1 NT. Which would be better with the Mcintosh 4100 Reciever for mainly classical music.
The CDM 1SE has the matrix style tweeter and the NT has the Nautilus style tweeter. I would say that the NT would be the better choice. The Nautilus tweeter is a bit more airy and open. I hope that this helps.
Main difference is in the tweeter as pointed out by Audimiata. The CDM 1NT's tweeter carried down from the Nautilus line is more refined and open so I would say the 1NT is overall a better speaker.
Thanks guys that helps a lot, sounds like the NT will be the one.
The CDM1 1 NT sounded flat, mechanical and unmusical to me, while the CDM1 SE sounded balanced, acccurate, neutral and intensely musical. I would go with the SE model.
The Matrix 805 beats out the 1NT and 1Se.
I too would agree that the SE sounds warmer and more lush than the NT. I tried the two extensively and bought the SE from one friend over an other. Either pair is a great speaker though.