B&W asw600 or Velodyne of the same price range?


Just looking for some opinions on these subs.

I heard the velodyne, which is a $100 cheaper, but can't find a B&W of the same size to hear.

Just looking for some of your opinions. Or suggestions in the $500 range.

I have the ASW600 sub. Mind you this is my first sub, yet it sounds great to me. I did not compare with others, but it really snapped the sound stage and depth for my Proac Super Tablettes. I didn't realize all the bass I was missing on my recording. Audioreview.com people have some other good things to say about it. For $500 bucks not a bad deal.
I would look at other brands. I own B&W speakers and the subwoofer is the weak link in the 5.1 speakers. There are companies that either specialize in subs (Hsu) or dedicate more resources to building a great sub.