B&W asw 300 or 500 for music with DM302s ?

I have a very modest stystem - an onkyo 8511 reciever, DM 302 fronts....which subwoofer would you guys reccomend (I will be using it 80% for music, 20% movies) ? I listen to a large variety of music from rock and hiphop to classical and jazz. I am looking at the asw 300 and 500 but am open to other suggestions as well. thank you.
I bought a 500 some time ago, and was very disappointed. Since then I have used a HSU research vtf sub and Energy sub. Both are nice for not a lot of money. Not sure of the model number of the energy. It was only an 8inch driver, but plenty of bass for the small room it was in. I was using these with the 302's and later the 303's.
Find a used 70 w.p.c. ASW-500, they sell as low as $190.00 & will work well down to 32khz.
any other suggestions ? what about setup ? will the asw500's lack of adjustable crossover weaken its integration with the 302s ? I think the 302s go down to 72 +/-3 and around 60 +/-6. the 500 is crossed over at 80, while the 300 is adjustable. any setup tips ? I have no preamp outs so I will either run the speakers/sub parellell or run the 302s from the speaker outs of the sub.

Hififreams - why were you dissapointed with the 500 ?...any specific issues ?

thanks for any help you can give me.
For some reason I just could not get the sub to work well with the 302's. Seemed to be a hole in the range. Also, I was not impressed with the depth and output. The small enerey sub had more of both, and the hsu was even better.