B&W and the Indianapolis 500

Did anyone else notice there are 2 drivers in the Indianapolis 500 sponsored by B&W? Drivers are Alex Tagliani and Bruno Junqueira.
Yea, I saw that! Cool!
yeah, i wondered if it was Bowers & Wilkins or some other B&W...btw, good race today...how about Nicholson waving the green...too bad Dennis couldn't be there too (rip)....wishing i was there for it. it is truly a spectacle & something to be experienced if you're any sort of racing fan
It was Bowers and Wilkins as I first noticed the sponsorship during driver into's, where I saw the B&W letters and a (kevlar) speaker driver on their driver uniforms...then I did a quick google search.
Z-Line (A/V furniture) also sponsored a car today as well.
I didn't know Z-Line did A/V furniture, didn't really know what they did; they sponsor in the Nationwide Series of NASCAR as well.