B&W and Musical Fidelity

Looking to change my 5 channel amp from rotel to musical fidelity. I find the rotel b&w combo., I use signature 805s, to be bright. Would the ht500 from MF be better suited. My pre/pro is meridian 561.


I had the N805's with the A300. The combo was a little on the warm side and sounded nice but the speakers only really opened up when powered with a better amp.
I use the A3cr pre/pwr combo with B&W 802 matrix series 3. I think they are a very good fit as long as I don't try to crank it to loud. The 802's are a demanding load. The MF has plenty of current but is only 120 watts. The 802's could handle more.
At any rate, I think the combo is very detailed and transparent without ever sending harsh. At current used prices the HT500 seems to be a steal.