B&W 808 about its sound

Hello All,
Has anyone know B&W 808.
I'm interested in getting B&W 808.
What would you say about its sound?
Is there enough bass?
Good grief yes. I heard a pair years ago. Make sure your room is large enough for it ; it is a big speaker. I think it was intended for recording studios; it was the top of the line then and considered very expensive. Needs a large amp for best sound. I would prefer it to many very expensive speakers now on the market.
The Matrix 800 was it's replacement and probably better.
The Matrix 800 is REALLY big if I remember; there was one for sale on here in the last year. Just for a minute I was tempted to drive up to Chicago [if I remember] and get it. then I remembered that it wouldn't go in my room and weighs a bizillion pounds. If you ever see one and have the room and muscle go for it. Either one would cost a mint if made today.