B&W 805S vs Kef R500

Both can be had for around 1800. They are going in a mid size room and will be driven by a 200w Mac amp. I like to listen to a pretty wide range of music on mostly vinyl.

Any thoughts?
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I own the B&W 805S and have been happy many years. In my medium size room, they work best out from the wall behind them. In my case this wall is the long wall of my rectangular room. The front of the tweeter is 40 inch from the back wall. I also like them best on stands weighted with steel shot. In this arrangement the 805s provide a great sound stage and good dynamic response. The one weakness might be that these speakers can get a little boomy at the 60 hz range, having said that I by far prefer the port without the factory provided foam plugs placed in the port. The 805s are built very well and I've always liked the shape and finish.