B&W 805s tweeters replaced with diamonds

I read, (on another site) where someone had replaced the tweeters in their B&W 805s monitors with the new B&W diamond tweeter. They raved about the sound. Has anyone heard of or attempted this? Are the crossovers, other internal "stuff" the same? I have 805s and love em but have read some fantastic reviews regarding the diamond tweeter. Just curious.
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Even if the woofers were the same (I'm sure they are not), the tweeters are two completely different tweeters. Which means the crossovers need to be redesigned (not tweaked, redesigned). It may "work" but I am positive you won't be in the same league as the actual 805d. FWIW, I would suspect that $800 each won't buy you a pair of diamond tweeters. I know that companies like accuton want about $5800 for the pair. B&W's are not that expensive, but I'm sure they are quite pricey.
Elizabeth has definitely illuminated a more preferable path.
Thanks Elizabeth and S7horton. Elizabeth, I used to own a pair of Maggies 2.7s. Loved em but, wife said they had to go. IF the 805d tweeters housing is the same as the 805s, they are a cinch to change out. My 2 y/o granddaughter punched a hole in one of my 805s tweeters and had to change it out, took all of 2 minutes, so it wouldn't bastardize. I am pretty sure the midwoofer is different though and imagine the crossover is also diff. I read the price tag for the 805d tweets is about a grand each. Ouch! Thanks guys for your input. I will stick with my 805s for now until I get that bug again. You know...