B&W 805S Embarassing Question

Just picked up a new pair of B&W 805S' yesterday. Sorrow to ask this embarassing question, but is there some sort of plastic cap that B&W now puts on their speaker terminals? Manual says nothing about them and I'm trying to figure out how/if they should be removed? Sunday morning and dealer is closed.
Nope. It is there for insulation. Loosen it and slip wire or spade under. Tighten.

Unless you are referring to the plastic caps used to block the holes where banana plugs are inserted. These are commonly found on many new speakers. If so, you can gently pry them off. If that doesn't work you may be able to completely remove the nut on the binding post and then remove the caps.
I encountered this on a pair of Polk Audio LSi7s.
B&W uses little plastic plugs to fill the banana plug holes. Just grab each with a pair of pliers and yank it out.

The plastic plugs are a European thing to prevent people from plugging their AC plugs (which have spaced round prongs much like bananas) into speaker terminals.
I think he is referencing the WBT shrouds...nothing new unless you have never been into high end before.
Here is a shot of the 805 Signature terminals.

I own the B&W 805s and the plastic covering over the terminals is part of the terminal. The tiny plugs in the ends that cover the bananna plug openings can be removed.
I would NOT try to break off the plastic covering the terminals...