B&W 805D2 or Magico Q1?

Has anyone compared these two speakers? with all of the over-the-top reviews for the B&W's and the reputation held by Magico for their pursuit of a new paradigm of perfectionism i am left wondering if there is any real competition or should i just trust the numbers, i.e. $24,950 vs $5,000...? i am not trying to start a fight here either, but theoretically what more can "anyone" do with a woofer and a tweeter with a single crossover and a rock-solid cabinet?
just as an aside, $5K used to buy you a (new) state-of-the-art FULL-RANGE B&W speaker system that could play at LIVE SPL's. of course they couldn't compete with Wison's or Sonus Fabers for resolving fine detail, but umteem improvements later we (supposedly) have a whole new ball game out there.

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I think you better stick with headphones in that dump.
I think you would have to really like the sound of the Q1 monitors to spend $25,000 on them.

I listened to the Q1 at RMAF and though they did not sound bad I was not wowed by the sound. For 25k I would personally buy a full range speaker or monitors and two good subs.

I have not heard the new 805d but used to own 805n. I have heard the 801d and the diamond tweeter was preferrable to the old aluminum dome.

If you like the B&W sound then it makes more sense to me. Have you listened to the 805d?
If your loaded and want a second system but only have a small room for it maybe Q1 would scratch that itch.

I like the looks of the Mini much more. Though I would take sound over looks any day. I would think you could get both at that price.

If your crossover parts cost $5,000 alone it must sound awesome. I would like to know what combination of crossover parts for a two way design would add up to 5k? Don't get me wrong I think good parts are important but the implementation is probably more important.
Missioncoonery, Since you got to listen to both in the same dealer on the same day your observations may be more relevent. Was the comparison in the same room with the same gear?