B&W 805 with MK-350thx sub, or B&W 802

I've been using Speakerlab Super 7's for 13 years now, since I've lived in USA. This is what I have: Pioneer Elite 49thx-i, Pioneer Elite Uviversal Player 47Ai. Both are connected by I-link, Musical Fidelity A3.2cr amp feed by Pioneer, Kimber speaker cable, Audioquest inter. I don't know if any of you familiar with the speakers I have, they are 12", 10", mid horn, and tweeter horn, very easy to drive. I think all Alnico magnets. I've auditioned many speakers in $2,000-$4,000 range. And every time I get home I realized my speakers sound better, especially on low volume. I don't even feel the need for a sub. I've been told that I need to look at much higher price range. Now I have a question for you: B&W 805 with MK-350THX, or B&W 802's. I listen mostly classic jazz, classical, modern jazz.
thank you
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You would probably have better luck with the full range 802's especially if pin-point imaging is important to you. However, if you watch movies on your system, the sub would be helpful.
Are you familiar with the speakers I have, if you are, what would you suggest to replace them if it makes sense, I would say in $4,000 range. What is the value 2-3 year old Nautilus 802.
I have both...in two different systems.

The N802s are in an integrated HT/music system with a monstrous SVS twin 12" Ultra sub. It is mainly for impact in movies but awesome High rez is a byproduct of this match.

The N805s are in an all tube system in the bedroom, all Cary Audio. I have a small SVS for that system, but like you...it is a relatively low level, jazz type of an environment...often, the sub is unnecessary....but does come in handy when we turn it up:)

The 802s are my favorite in the B&W line-up...I've owned many from the 600 series on up. I've taken advantage of trade up programs and ended up with my current systems. The 805s are excellent speakers too...but between the two, I would be very happy with the 802s alone, sans sub.

If you are looking for speaker values, purchase the Agon Bluebook, it isnt really fair to ask for free info from others who pay for the service, it is very helpful.
I'm new to audiogon, didn't know there was such a thing as Agon Bluebook, sorry.
I guess the question is not about the value, what would be a good deal to pay for 802
>>I guess the question is not about the value, what would be a good deal to pay for 802<<

Value? Good deal? Gosh maybe the blue book would be helpful huh?
Can someone tell me how the audiogon blue book works? I sold a pre amp on audiogon for $250 les than what it was advertised for. My point being how does audiogon really know what it was sold for? Or is their blue book based on a depreacion table like say a kelly blue book for cars?