B&W 805 versus Dynaudio 52SE

I'm more or less committed to one of these as I have a store credit at a dealer who stocks only these two brands.
I will be using Musical Fidelity X-Ray CD player and X-150 amp.
I'd welcome opinions of the strengths of these speakers, especially if used with Musical Fidelity gear. Interesting to hear what interconnects/speaker wire you have used in such combinations too.
Also...Is the much more expensive B&W Signature 805 overkill in view of my other equipment? Or would it be a smart purchase?
The Signature is much better than the regular 805.

You can always upgrade your electronics later.

I totally agree with Richard. The signature 805 is leaps and bounds better the than 805. People that say it is only a finish upgrade don't know about the B&W line, because that is not true. For starters, all you to have to do is look at the binding posts. Where the N805 uses copper, the S805 uses silver.

Anyway, I've been using Musical fidelity with both the N805 and the S805. They go great together. I would suspect that even the N805 would be better than the Audience 52, although, I have not heard it with Musical Fidelity gear.
Why don't you arrange for an in home demo. Or, if the dealer won't do that, take your MF gear to the store and check out both speakers.
Our opinions are meaningless. Listen for yourself, and you tell me the strengths/weaknesses of each.

I haven't heard of the Dynaudio but the B&W S805 is very good speakers. They might be slightly an overkill for the rest of your components I would presume but as Drrdiamond has pointed out, you can upgrade your other stuff later on. The S805 is definitely a keeper.
Here's my humble opinion. I have the gorgeous s 805s in an HT system with N 805 surrounds and htm 1 for center. I started this system with a B&K avr 202 receiver and they were fabulous. I, as suggested above, have since upgraded all of my equipment with great rewards in sound quality. Using a new rotel 5 channel amp at 150 watts with meridian processor/preamp. Believe me, the signatures are class and quality that you won't regret. My two pennies.

No doubt the 805 are much better and much more musical and of course they cost much more. Just be sure not to partner them with bright equipment since they are very revealing.
B&W's as one person here wrote are Revealing, I do not think that is an accurate way to describe them. B&W Speaker color the sound, they add high frequencies. Dynaudio are known for having the best tweeter you can buy.

If you like a bight speaker go with B&W if you want real accurate sound I would suggest Dynaudio.

You are comparing a $900 speaker to to a $3,000 Why do you choose these models to compare? If you doesn't hear that big of a difference I would think it would be obvious save the $2100.

sigs might be a little bright, but are definately accurate. Both are great speakers.