B&W 805 Sig Problem.

hi guys.wanted to share this with you all. i purchased a pair of 805 sig. they came in with a manufactures defect. waited 6 months for the 2nd pair. same problem with the 2nd pair. clearly their fault. now b&w wants to blame it on the shipping company.who can i speaker to above the service manager of b&w/rotel to get a good pair of speakers i purchased 6 months ago. the tweeter cap is not set properly, sticks out about 1/2 inch on the right side of every speaker. i love the speakers but i am pissed.thanks.
Did the tweeters got hurt?
Ask them to take extra care in protecting the tweeter. I have shipped CDM1NT before, but it seems no problem. Buyer likes my item very much.
you guys are missing the point. they are brand new from b&w.
what I mean is. B&W should make double box packing instead. I ship CDM1NT without original packing, but still can have the tweeter save. B&W using original packing should do much better than me...........ought to be.
That sounds strange.
also, I don't understand "tweeter cap sticks out about 1/2" on the right side of every speaker".

People may net really understand what you're describing (as I don't)

Regardless, you're not going to be happy with the flawed speakers, so just refuse delivery.

Your dealer will understand.
Nicely Demand that they send a new pair to the nearest dealer for inspection and pick up. Tell them your calling the President of B&W in England if you do not get a satisfactory response and a perfect pair of speakers, and do it. A $ 20.00 call to England may be what is required or the threat to do so. Get the persons name in the US and then tell them your intentions. These are not $ 99.00 a pair KLH speakers from Costco.You seem to have been very patient. Customers are not a link in the quality control process.
If you think those pompus brits care if you think their "elite" line of speakers aren't perfect every time they force a pair on you at just shy of double mark-up then you are wrong. Good luck getting it resolved.
thanks guys. the b&w rep told me he would send out another pair and have them looked at by the dealer before i take them this time. i wrote a nice letter with a little finesse and they are sending out the 3rd pair of speakers by the end of the week.
Geez thats terriable. Drop $3500+ on a set of speakers and the customer service seems to bite! I hope I don't have problems in the future with my 602's.